Red Dragon

Red Dragon - Thomas Harris Here's a book I've been meaning to read for a very long time (being the birthplace of one the most prominent fictional monsters of the 20th Century) but, in all honesty, the only reason I eventually bumped it up my to-read list was because I've been rather enjoying the Hannibal television series (despite the plot getting slightly silly at times) and wanted to acquaint myself with the original source from which it's been adapted.

Interestingly, the show (currently) acts as a prequel to this novel, but borrows heavily from certain events in the book and changes the relationships between some of the characters quite a lot. I'm curious to see how far the show's writers will eventually take us into Harris' other novels, if at all.

This was a quick read. Or would have been if I hadn't been so busy. At any rate, the story keeps up a good pace as FBI profiler Will Graham is tasked with tracking down a serial killer dubbed 'The Tooth Fairy' before he strikes again. I was actually rather surprised to find that Dr. Lecter's appearance in the novel was extremely brief, but we do get a feel for how dangerous he is, even from the confines of his cell.

However, what really grabbed me and, in my opinion, was the best aspect of this book, were the chapters that follow the killer's perspective, gradually revealing the tragic tale of his childhood and the events that motivitate him to do what he does. I almost felt pity for the guy towards the end. Almost.

Definitely still worth a read. And do give the TV show a try if you haven't already!