Midnight Days

Midnight Days - Mike Mignola, Dave McKean, Matt Wagner, Stephen R. Bissette, John Totleben, Teddy Kristiansen, Neil Gaiman In Neil Gaiman's own words (from the introduction), these stories are an assortment of 'curiosities and oddments', including some examples of his earliest writing for comics, and a couple of one-off stories.

The first few are Swamp Thing stories. I have next to zero knowledge of Swamp Thing, aside from a vague recollection of seeing that rather shonky Wes Craven movie adaptation some time in the early 80's, so most of the events that transpired in these pretty much went over my head.

However, the last two stories - a John Constantine Hellblazer short, and a very curious mash-up between Gaiman's own Sandman and DC's original Sandman character, Wesley Dodds - are both excellent, and are well worth getting hold of a copy of the book for.