Pretty Deadly, Vol. 1

Pretty Deadly, Vol. 1 - Kelly Sue DeConnick, Emma Ríos, Jordie Bellaire Attend the song of Deathface Ginny,
And how she came to be
A wrath of rage for men who'd cage
And harm what should be free

Part spaghetti western, part mythical fantasy, Pretty Deadly's first volume flies by in a blur of backstory as it attempts to lay the foundation for the laws that govern the world(s) in which it inhabits. I actually really enjoyed this, but then I'm a proper sucker for alternative takes on the western revenge conventon. I would say, however, that the storytelling is perhaps economical to a fault, and this arc may well have benefitted from being spread over two volumes to give the characters a bit more room to grow.

Still, I'm loving the style and first impressions are good enough to ensure I'll be back for more.